High pressure - low pressure heat exchanger is technically similar to the tube heat exchanger. The chilled water from the ground with high pressure enters to the heat exchanger and it enters the heat exchanger and flows through the heat exchange component, which is designed to withstand the high pressure, and the water is heated to a higher temperature and flows up to the ground again through the mine pipeline.

The hot water flows from the mining area or tunnel through the pipe of the heat exchanger to the low-pressure side, and the heat energy from the water is transferred to the water from the ground. The water is cooled and transported back to the mining area or tunnel again. The High pressure - low pressure heat exchanger has solved the problem that the terminal equipment of the cooling system must carry the high pressure, so that the terminal equipment can work with a low working pressure, and it can not only reduce the damage to the equipment from the pressure, but also improve the reliability and security of the system.

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