The phonetic translation of the company’s name into Chinese means "flying horse" - because in our opinion it expresses the ability to overcome borders and obstacles and at the same time it is a traditional symbol for strength and achievement.


Dr.-jur. Matthias Mitscherlich is a further acting counselor of FAMOUS. During his successful career he has held numerous responsible positions such as being chairman of the board of directors at MAN Ferrostaal AG as well as Athens International Airport S.A..

Professor Engineer Wolfgang Luan is founder of FAMOUS and managing director of the company and moreover the embodiment of the spirit of FAMOUS. In more than twenty years of successful economic activity he developed numerous valuable contacts to industry, economics and politics in China and Germany.

His ideology for life is “Never forget where you come from, never forget who your parents are and never forget the friends who helped you". His business philosophy reads “Both as a human and in business, one should always act morally".