Re-coolers is installed in fixed locations. Its main function is producing cooling water for the condenser of DV machines or KM machines. The cooling water is used to cool the refrigerant in the condenser. Then the used water flows into the Re-cooler and will be diverted to spiral copper tubes where it will be cooled by a ventilator.

In order to strengthen the cooling effect, there is also a spray system, part of the spray water will evaporate during the process and the rest will be recycled into a storage tank. A water supplement system is also installed for the next spray. There is a Water drop separator at the exit of the re-cooler, which is made of metal sheets. Its special structure allows cool air to flow out and keeps the spraying water, as a result water will flow into the storage tank.

Technical Data Sheet

Product type

RK 450

RK 600

Cooling capacity

450 kW

600 kW

Cooling water inlet temperature



Cooling water outlet temperature



Air inlet temperature/relative humidity

30°C / 75%

29°C / 75%

Air outlet temperature/relative humidity

35°C / 89%

33.7°C / 89%

Air flow



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