General agency

we are good at doing buseniss in China by means of our long-term experience as products agent for many german companies. The following companies are extracted from our customer list.


GTA Maschinensysteme GmbH

The company has been developing and manufacturing equipment for Roadway development - from the simplest of work platforms to complex roadway support machines - for more than 30 years. In recent years GTA has succeeded in transposing the idea of the second working level to tunnelling. A variety of systems, such as work platforms, shotcrete manipulators, support manipulators and drilling units, have been successfully deployed in this area.


Ingersoll Rand is a $13 billion global diversified industrial company, driven by employees who are proud to offer products and solutions people use every day to create a positive impact in their world. Driven by a 100-year-old tradition of technological innovation, we enable companies and their customers to create progress.
Schalker Eisenhütte Maschinenfabrik GmbH unites the design and manufacture areas of mechanical engineering, hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical and electronic engineering with production, assembly and commissioning all under one roof and provides system solutions for: Coke Oven Machines,Rail Vehicles,Job Order Production, Automation.
The Waerme-Austausch-Technik GmbH (WAT) is a company with more than 30 years experience in the field of air conditioning for coal mining industry.Its business area is so far not only in Germany but also in whole European countries as well as Russia and China.With specialization in air conditioning field, WAT has offered customers many fairly effective solutions, which have already regarded as industrial standard today.